Our Vision

Unveiling Elegance for Little Royalty

At Laado & Ladoo, our journey began with a mother's quest for the perfect outfit, one befitting the splendor of her daughter's first Diwali and a cherished family wedding. The realization struck hard – the world of children's ethnic wear was often a world away from the quality and artistry she cherished in her own attire.

Our Vision: Elevate, Cherish, Sustain

Laado & Ladoo is a commitment to excellence. Our vision is clear – to provide superior quality, opulent styles, and impeccable craftsmanship that rival the grandeur of adult couture. We are passionate about supporting textile artisans, those guardians of ancient arts. In an age of fast fashion, we aim to reignite the flame of appreciation for their skills. Our garments are not just clothing; they're heirlooms, passed down through generations, teaching children to appreciate the value of fine textiles from a young age.

Artistry That Endures

Behind our creations stand skilled aari and zardozi artisans, honing their craft over decades. Rigorous quality testing ensures every piece meets our exacting standards. We champion handloom fabrics, working closely with weavers to preserve this age-old tradition.

Comfort Meets Royalty

Our product philosophy strikes a balance: to create clothing that's as comfortable as it is regal. We understand that kids need to be kids, even while dressed in opulence.

From Our Family to Yours

Laado & Ladoo is a small, family-run venture, a labor of love. Our founder, a devoted mother with a passion for textile arts, is on a mission to impart that passion and knowledge to future generations. We invite you to join our family's journey as we weave tales of elegance and heritage, one garment at a time.